Welcome to Cornelii Ltd

Lean-Agile transformation focusing on efficiency and value

Cornelii Ltd are passionate about transformation.

We are in the business of transforming companies and people, predominately using Lean-Agile as a basis for this.


Scrum and Agile are well known for changing the software industry over the last couple of decades, however Lean dates back further and comes from manufacturing, a pre-cursor being the Toyota Production System, from the 1950's which brought Toyota back to profitability and then onto being known for producing quality cars.

Although often thought of as a software framework, the biggest benefit really comes when the business side of a company understands the value of fast feedback and adaption and as it's ultimately a business benefit, the values and tools are transferable to all sorts of different industries.


The concepts of Lean and Agile are simple to understand, but difficult to implement and hard to master. We at Cornelii offer a partnership to guide you in a journey of cultural change allowing you to make the decisions on what will benefit your company the most.

Transparency, fast feedback and adaption reduces business risk allowing better products to market in a faster time.


Whilst the significant part of our business is with major corporations such as Eon, DWP and HSBC in their software delivery teams, we are very passionate about the benefits this can bring to all sorts of industries and even more importantly to the people and as such are very open to building relationships from all arenas of life.